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Changing laptop graphic card.

I recently bought an used MSI GX720, here's the spec

Core 2 Duo P7350 @ 2.3
4gig of DDR2 @ 800 mhz
17 inch display
320 HDD

and finally a 9600M GT

Don't get me wrong, this card is more then capable of running game.

I can run Mafia 2 at medium/high at 1440x900
CoD6 at high at 1440x900

But I was curious, on this model, is it possible to change the graphic card since it's not integrated?
If is it possible, the hardest part would be finding another card I guess haha.

I trying finding more info on the web, but I'm sure some people here know more then I do with laptop

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    Most laptop GPU's are soldered to the motherboard with the exception of some high end models, the 9600M GT is not high end.
  2. Alright, thanks alot for the quick reply <3
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