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Last response: in Graphics & Displays
November 3, 2010 11:17:22 PM

Basically, wanting to know the real differences between these cards and your opinion - I think the GTX 460 / 768MB is a very good buy in my country (No can't get Newegg and stuff USA like 10000 miles away) - I'm from New Zealand.

My build will either have an AMD 955 (MAYBE 965) with an M4A87TD (Unless theres another better one similarly priced


i5 760 (i5 750 is more expensive here, prices are retarded like that) with a Gigabyte GA-P55A-UD3.
PSU is not an issue, thinking of getting at least a 520/550/650W PSU (Antec Neo eco /Earthwatts or Corsair - both are rank 1 or 9+ from JonnyGuru or both).

the i5 alone is $90 more in my currency - Around 60USD, and with the mobo around $100 USD more.

So recommend cards for each build (I wanted i5 but it seems crazy to not wait for SB, but if i get it before it probably does make more sense):

Cards I'm look at and are well priced / toss ups (Well not really, >.>):

Uses: Well ... I might be using the pc for another 5 years (Like the one i currently haave) or maybe just 2 and a bit, depending on which uni i go to - so gaming for atleast 2 years, but only on a single full HD monitor, and not on very demanding games (Dont mind chucking down the settings for good fps rates).

(Note all prices inc indirect taxes now)

HIS HD 5770 1GB - $214 my currency

EVGA standard clock GTX 460 / 768mb - $247

$325 EVGA 1GB GTx 460 - 45MHZ above clock @ 725coreclock

$379 = HD 5850 DirectCU version (Better OCer??)

$400 HD 6870 - Sapphire Radeon version

What yall think. - All prices NZD ($140, 160, 200, 235 and 255 USD. for the cards, in that order)

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a c 1415 U Graphics card
November 3, 2010 11:37:12 PM

You do not need the 2GB card over a 1GB there is no performance gain. What about HD6850 it performs on level with GTX460 1GB.
November 3, 2010 11:40:34 PM

rolli59 said:
You do not need the 2GB card over a 1GB there is no performance gain. What about HD6850 it performs on level with GTX460 1GB.

Its $290 w/o GST.

The shop I had been looking for excluded the 15% GST so all those prices are around $30-50NZD less!
(Except for the 5770, so the 5770 is actually around $60-70 cheaper than the cheapest 768 version.
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November 4, 2010 12:12:05 AM

rolli59 said:
If I was building today I would aim for either HD6850 or GTX460 1 GB there is enough performance difference over the 768Mb version to pay the price premium. This might help you pick

91% = 768mb 460 vs 1 gig version ( which is considered 97%) is 6% better, but a whopping $60USD more (80 in my currency) - thats over 30% price difference, so thats a nono for the 1 gig 460 at the price point.
100% = 6850. - $330 = - So against around $80 more but 9% more performance, so a 9%: 30 % performance to price. ratio, and the main reason its 9% and not 6-8% is because it was 83% of the 6850 at 2560x1600 resolution, bringing down the average lots (only 10% difference at 1200P, and much less at lower

At resolutions i play (And monitor can handle, which will likely be a 1920x1080 resolution): the GTX768 vs HD6850 gives a 4, 5, 7% difference, and perhaps 8-9% difference at 1920x1080, as 1680x1050 is 7% and 1920x1200 is 10% so thats an approximation.

I think at this price point perhaps the GTX 460 is best - around 75% of the cost, and 94~% of the performance at my resolutions.

Best solution

a c 1415 U Graphics card
November 4, 2010 12:25:27 AM

There you have it! Best price/performance ratio.
November 4, 2010 1:57:52 AM

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a c 273 U Graphics card
November 4, 2010 2:14:14 AM

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