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Budget graphics card for 2.4Ghz Intel Quad, 2GB ram

Hi guys,

A friend of mine wants a DX11 graphics card for casual gaming. Budget - 150$
My shortlist - ati 5670.
Is this a good card (shouldnt be bottlenecked by the processor, he has no plans for upgrading his processor right now). Please advise.

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    that is the minimum card for gaming, and only good for 1600x1050 (preferably 1440x900) resolution. What country are you from. From US and australia you should be able to get a much better card for that price. Shop around. For under AU$150 i could get an ATI 5770 or Nvidia gts450 for under AU$135. US prices (Newegg) should be even cheaper.
  2. I am from India. 5770 and GTS 450 cost around 8000rs(around 180$) here. But my worry is whether that card will be bottlenecked by the 2.4Ghz processor, though it is quad core.
  3. no, it will not be bottlenecked.
  4. Look for the HD 5750, which should be in your budget range and it is also faster than a 5670.
  5. Hi,I am in india,
    The difference of price between the hd5750 and 5770 is 1000rs.Get the hd5770 if you have the extra 1000rs,
  6. The 5770(or GTS450, i do not have one to test, but it looks good) is a great card for causal gaming. It plays most of the new games with ease as long as the settings and screen rez are not pushed too hard. Many games will do 1920x1200 with just slightly lower settings too.

    If the rest of the system is up to it, you may be able to overclock the cpu a bit and gain some free speed.

    Is that a Q6600? If it is, 3.0 should be an easy OC. Just make sure you keep an eye on the temps
  7. Thanks a lot guys ..
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