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hey dudes I got a question I guess I been putting together a $600 system and it seems I've been under a rock about sandy bridges. I just bought a x4 965 and was wondering if im shooting myself in the foot by buying it. From the reviews i saw it was doing just fine but I want this system to last me 3-4 years so yeah >.<. Im gona be using a 5870 (was only 190 new couldn't resist). should I return my processor and motherboard 2 wait for sandy or will my system still be able to game well for its price (the 965 came with a free motherboard after tax was $173)
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  1. yo shoul be fine with a 965 build. It'll outperform any intel build at the same price. The 965 will still be a good computer for 2-3 years
  2. It will outperform any Intel build in gaming ....but only if the Intel is clocked at least 400-500 Mhz lower...for SandyBridge, make that 600 MHz...

    However, some of the X4 cpus and mainboards are indeed at attractive price points...
  3. Who cares if SB is faster if it won't fit in your budget? $600 - GPU = ~$400. The good SB alone is another $200 or so, not counting mobo. You're likely to spend about $350 for the CPU and mobo, far more then your $173, and nearly chewing up all your remaining budget.

    SB is great, but it will take a long time for it to fit into the more budget builds. You could grab one of the dual core budget SB, but I don't remember them doing well.

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