Computer probs,PLEASE HELP :(

My computer cuts off only 30 seconds after turning on.The computer is also not detecting keyboard and mouse.Is this a power supply problem?I haven't had issues like this before.I dont think my motherboard is fried because I've had that issue before but the computer would stay on just nothing would happen.
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More about computer probs please
  1. Q: What is your full system specifications?

    Q: Is this a new build or currently running system?

    I would check your PSU first and second, I would check to make your heat sink fan is installed properly and the fan working right.
  2. Are your keybd and mouse both USB by chance?
  3. Yes they are
  4. What is PSU,sorry I'm a noob.
  5. PSU - Power Supply Unit
  6. Will cigarrette smoke ruin your computer?If you smoke alot around it?Will the psu eventually stop working as a result?
  7. You fan of the PSU will get very dirty and the fan stop working properly. This will result in the it no working & killing your PSU. If you have this fear, open up your case and check to see how much "dust / dirt" build up is on the inside and clean accordingly (compressed air or low volume air compressor works).
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