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This may not be the right place to ask but I don't know where else to ask. What kind of computer desk is everyone using? Does it showcase your PC case, and lend itself to good cable management. My computer desk is getting old and beat up and I was looking for replacement ideas. My searches have not turned up anything that I am excited about. I do a little bit of woodworking and I have not seen any plans that would let my PC case be displayed. Am I being to anal about this?
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  1. I put together one from Ikea. It has rounded ends, and I got the corner largest with all add ons. It works great as I have 3x 30" displays, and plenty of desk space left for my printer, phones, and all kinds of parts, etc that need to be organized :-). I have seen some seios desks, but unless you want one that has a auto hydrolic so you can use standing as well as seated, then, its really a matter of preference. The most important is the seat and keyboard position for me, so I have an Aeron chair, and a Relax the Back molded to a$$ chair. Each of these chairs are well over your average $300 task chair, and believe it or not, the Aeron is more comfortable for me as it feels like less and springy, and much cooler in the warmer times. Also a chunk less money than the Rlax-TheBack chair. Hope this helps!
  2. I have a tiny, cheap desk from Staples. It's unique in lacking a keyboard tray. The tower sits in a hole in the middle of the desk, with an elevated shelf for the monitor while the keyboard area just wraps around it. Very unique, and I think no longer sold.
  3. This is the computer desk I have:

    The area for the monitor is large enough to house my Hanns-G 28" monitor.

    -Wolf sends
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