Wireless connection suddenly stopped working VISTA


This problem comes after over a year of everything working fine.

I'm running windows vista OS (32 bit). Was surfing using the wireless connection when it suddenly went down and ever since then I can't even access the dialogue boxes for network sharing or the "connect to wireless networks" box!

If I click on connect to network or metwork sharing, nothing happens.

What's going on on and how can I fix it.
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  1. Delete the Connection in Windows and start again, running the networking wizard.

    It's possible that the wireless hardware on your computer has failed (or if a laptop maybe you've knocked the wireless switch to OFF) so go Control Panel, System, Hardware, Device Manager and see if the wireless networking adapter is present or yellow flagged as faulty.
  2. Thanks fihart for your reply! :hello:

    Update on the situation is the problem was fixed after a system restore back to when the system was working properly a day earlier. It looks like it was a windows update that screwed things up!!??!! :pfff: Good job I didn't have any important deadlines today otherwise I would have also been screwed.
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