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Hello,i am going to build my first gaming pc , i have decided on an athlon ii x4 640 , a palit gtx 460 sonic gpu , 4gb ddr3 ram , 500 gb hard drive 7200rpm SATA for around 500 euro for all the components , with my components im wondering what type of performance i will get like will i get good fps and does anybody have any suggestions for making the system better ?
will it be able to play games such as total wars, mass effect 2 and crysis on high or ultra settings
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  1. Thats not going to run Crysis on high settings with 500 euro. Increase your budget you can drop the 460 and move up to a GTX 570 to get close. Also your CPU could go to a Core i3-540 for that price range and overclock it. $15 more for i3 and save some extra money for your GPU if you want to game that high. What resolution are you at? What motherboard are you using?AMD or Intel?
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