New evga classifid classified build

hey guys just wondering what you think of my build to be

motherboard: evga classified 4way sli
cpu: i7 950
ram: 3x corsair dominator gt ddr3 1866, 2gb
graphics:1x evga gtx 570 (soon to be 2 in sli)
sound: omega ht claro halo xt with 8 channel rca out
cpu cooler: thermaltake frio
optical drive: hp light scribe bluray dvd combo
hdd:3x western digital caviar blue 7200rpm 640gb in raid 5
psu: silver stone strider fully modular 850watt
ssd:1 corsair nova 32gb (will eventually get another for raid 0)

so what do you think
advice, alternate parts, any info that might help is welcome.
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  1. ^ Any reason to go with the EVGA 4-Way SLI ?? And from where will you be buying the parts from ?? Also how high are you planning to overclock ? And reason for such a sound card ??
    A few changes here and there could get you another GTX 570 right now,...
  2. sound card is for my extensive home theater
    that way can run straight rca into my mixer to my amps
    the classified motherboard is for no other reason than i like and have heard heaps of good reviews on it and eventually thinking 3 way sli + a pci-e ssd
    ordering most parts off new egg
  3. ^ So I assume you have an extensive monitor setup as well to take advantage of the Tri-SLI ?
    Also fill this and paste it here,...
  4. Approximate Purchase Date: before end of January

    Budget Range: $1800 for components $200 for a case

    System Usage from Most to Least Important:gaming, home theater, movie and music mixing/editing then just general surfing the net

    Parts Not Required: dont need monitors, speakers a mouse or keyboard (just the case and everything in it)

    Preferred Website(s) for Parts: newegg and xoxide(just for cable sleeves, fans and case atm

    Country of Origin: i live in Australia but have family in the US that are reshipping to me

    Parts Preferences: favorite mobo ive seen so far is
    so thinking evga graphics to match. for ram, memory, psu and possibly case thinking corsair but am not fussed

    Overclocking: Yes i7 950 overclocked to 4ghz

    SLI or Crossfire: Yes, but not immediately

    Monitor Resolution: currently 2x 40"nec multisync 1920x1080

    Additional Comments:as above post
  5. ^ Why go with 6GB ?? Get this 12GB, will allow for a good overclock, also is just ~$15 more than the Dominator


    HDD - For the same price, 1TB and faster
    Samsung F3

    PSU - For Tri-SLI 850W will not suffice,... But frankly I dont see a point going above Dual-SLI,...
  6. cool, was only planing to do 2 gtx 570s on the silver stone psu, the 3rd is a long way off. As for ssd i was planing on getting 2 cheap one's to run my operating system in raid 0, so dont need much more than 30gb?, ram was looking to get as close to or over 2000mhz and are samsung hdd's any good? didnt have as many reviews on new egg
  7. but most importantly what do you think of my other components, mobo, gpu, psu, cpu were can i save some money, what is over kill what is to small will it all work ok together?
  8. Mobo - This is a good alternative -
    ASUS Rampage III Formula

    RAM - The reason why I suggested more RAM is it would help with productivity stuffs,...

    PSU - Silverstone is good,...

    SSD - 30GB is kind of small if you ask me, if you install many apps, also for a SSD to work at its full potential, it need to have atleast 12-15% free space,...

    But take a look at the new Intel CPUs that have been launched, they look very good, but dont offer Tri-Channel or dual x16x16(Except for boards which have NF200)
  9. thanks will do
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