Will my q6600 2.4ghz bottleneck a 5870 gpu?

I have gateway computer that I bought from bestbuy and I just found out that my cpu can't be overclocked in the bios menu. Now I am stuck with a stock 2.4ghz unless I buy a new motherboard. Am I gonna experience any bottleneck on my new 5870? If so, how much of a bottleneck? Can anyone also recommend me a good motherboard with decent price(preferably around $100) for my setup?

I have
q6600 with zalman cooler isntalled
700W psu
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  1. what resolution do you play at if its 1920x1080 you wont have much of a noticable bottleneck.
  2. Cpu scales alot more under 1920x1080. so let us know what res you play at.
  3. Well my main monitors native res is 1680x1050 so I'll guess I'll be playing at that res. I use dual monitor however which is basically just for watching movies and that monitor is a 32" 1080p. I'll mostly be playing SC2, Shogun 2 and Crysis1 and warhead
  4. Yeah that's gonna be a big bottleneck. At that speed you would be holding back a 5770, let alone a 5870.
  5. jsc said:

    Eh thats too hard for me. Anyways I went ahead and bought off a q35 from ebay. Is this overclockable?
  6. The Q35 should allow for a overclock, just not as high as a P35 or as stable.

    I have a Q6600 @ 3GHz with a HD5870 and play at 1600x900. I am able to max out Crysis 1 with no real lag.

    Thinking of upgrading it to a Q9550 for laughs but not sure my Q6600 is that slow.
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