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I want to tell you about InfinityScripters, AuroraScripters, AuroraModers,
IEEAIS and the AI Scripting Ring for Infinity and Aurora Engine Games !

The purpose of these Yahoo groups is to make, use, improve & test AI Scripts
and modules for all Infinity Engine Games and all Aurora Engine Games such as
Baldur's Gate, Tales of the Sword Coast, IceWind Dale, Heart of Winter, Trials
of the Luremaster, Baldur's Gate II, Shadows of Amn, Throne of Bhaal,
NeverWinter Nights, Hordes of the Underdark, DarkSide of the Sword Coast,
Shadows of Undrentide, The Darkest Day, Icewind Dale II, The Ascension &
Planescape Torment.

InfinityScripters is the largest scripting group on the net with well over 1650

Imagine having the ability to ask questions of over 1650 experienced scripters?
There is no ware else on the net that you can do that.

The group is growing and expanding and will script for and help people script
for all these games in any aspect of scripting.

Although we are not an official BioWare Board there are Designers from BioWare
(John Winski, Rob Bartel), from Quality Assurance Derrick Collins and the Line
Producer Keith Soleski are at InfinityScripters to answer the tough questions
about scripting. For hard questions put ATTENTION BIOWARE in the subject line.

You can join to learn to script or join to lurk and use others scripts and
files all are welcome at InfinityScripters.

To get started there are very many scripts in the files area of this group that
you can download and learn from. Such as the improved compilers I have made
for each of the infinity engine games or the 50th level rules by far the best
you will find anywhere on the net For IWD, BG I and BG II. I also have
enhanced rules sets for NWN's and IWD II. We have many MOD's available for
NWN's as well. If your playing Baldur's Gate 1 check out the superscript for
Baldur's Gate 1 you will really enjoy that. Also check out the SuperScripts
for BG 2 they do things no other script has even thought of.

Most important if you are scripting for Torment, Heart of Winter, Throne of
Bhaal, Darkside of the Sword Coast or IWD II I have made state of the art
compilers for those games in the files area that improve upon the existing
compilers and in the case of Torment and IWD II makes a compiler that did not
exist before.

Also there are very many links in the links area to sites with useful things on
them like Near Infinity or Infinity Explorer which can be used to look at the
in game scripts. Don't hesitate to ask questions and post scripts if you need

If you have a web site for these games please add a link to your site in the
bookmarks area and add a link to us on your web site.

Nice buttons for you web site to link here are available by clicking on Promote
to get the HTML code.

I also run a webring for scripting sites if you would like to join it.

This is the homepage of the groups

Recently I formed AuroraScripters just for the filespace because we had so many
files for the many games we script for.

To reach the Group Owner E-mail Mike To reach a moderator
directly E-mail Vaskez, Dark,
Aeryes, Simon or Kensai Ryu

Our Partner site that focus's on Creature and Enemy AI scripts.


Mike Group Owner InfinityScripters, AuroraScripters, AuroraModers, BWScript,
Guild site at BioWare And Moderator at IEEAIS
Webrings AI Scripting Ring for Infinity And Aurora Engine Games, DARK SIDE OF
BALDURS GATE, Icewind Dale II Webring, La guilde des Balduriens, Mike's
Baldur's Gate Cheaters ring, Neverwinter Nights Webring, Neverwinter Webring,
Planescape: Torment Ring, The Infinity Support Team, The Neverwinter Guilds
Webring, The Shadows of Amn Gamers Webring, Webring Baldur's Gate 2, Baldur's
Clan 2002
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    >wtf? Do you not get it? Why are you pissing people off like this?
    >Nobody here (oops, used an MPrilla'ism there ;) ) is remotely
    >interested so why don't you crawl back into your own little world and
    >leave us all alone?
    >btw, here's a thought... why don't you create your own newsgroup so
    >you can post to your hearts content and leave us in peace?
    > would probably work just fine

    He'd crosspost so it'd look like people other than himself post there.
  2. Archived from groups: (More info?)

    Elfbard wrote:
    >>btw, here's a thought... why don't you create your own newsgroup so
    >>you can post to your hearts content and leave us in peace?
    >> would probably work just fine
    > He'd crosspost so it'd look like people other than himself post there.

    Guess he's crawled back into whatever hole he came out of. To bad he's
    not like cicada's, and only appear every 17 yrs.


    AOL AIM: Jon Ne Reb
    United States Navy 1979-1982
    Aviation Machinists Mate 2nd Class
    VT-23, HS-1, USS Carl Vinson CVN70 (Plank Owner)
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