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I had a emachines laptop for christmas with windows 7. When this was bought we were under the impression that it came with Microsoft office. When i tried to activate Microsoft office and entered the product key(on the microsoft certificate sticker on the back) it keeps saying its invalid. Can anyone tell me if this is this product key for windows (that was pre-installed) and not MS Office? Also if this is the case where is the best and cheapest place to purchase office? Thanks YP
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  1. Hi newcomer and welcome to the Tom's hardware forum.

    The certificate sticker on the back of your laptop is the Windows key, not the office key. I think that if your laptop comes with office from the manufacturer, this office comes activated from the begining.
  2. The Office version preinstalled on most computers is a 30 day trial requiring you to purchase it.
    If you don't need the professional version, the Home & Student eddition is the cheapest way to get it.
    $79.49 at Newegg:
  3. Hi Both
    Thanks for advice. I was chatting to a friend of mine who has got Windows 7 and has just bought the MO package. Hes offered to give me a disc with the key so I could download the software on to my laptop. Would this work do you think?
  4. Is an option, but remember that you or your friend could have some problems 'cause both are using the same MS Office key.
  5. You likely won't be able to activate it.
  6. Is there a specific reason you need office?

    Open Office is a nice free alternative.

    The thunderbird email client is a nice free alternative to MS Outlook.
  7. You wont be able to use your friends key for activation, and if it did work it would most likely deactivate his.

    Like another poster said when office is on a new PC it is a 60 day trial that requires you to purchase it after a trial. I have a spare key laying around Id be willing to sell for a small fee.
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