AMD Phenom 720 Black ED + Gigabyte GA-MA785GM-US2H Motherboard Slow Boot + Slugg

I am having some problems with my computer, my brother put it together and its been pretty sluggish. When ever it boots up to windows XP welcome screen it takes like 30seconds, versus my cousins P4 which loads way faster. I don't know whats going on anyone think they can help me??

CPU- AMD PHENOM II x3 720 Black edition


RAM- 2gig samsung 800mhz

HD- 250gig IDE western Digital

GPU- geforce 8600gt

PSU- corsair 500w

If anyone knows, it would be great help, to add to it, I think he oced it before but I resetted it due to constant blue screens about some sort of list.

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  1. Once the system boots up, fully, does it perform well then? Or, is this just a matter of boot up time?

    Also, what apps are you loading at boot and what anti-virus software program are you using?

    Last, in your BIOS, have you disabled all devices that you aren't using (serial and parallel ports, etc)?

    Please clarify. Good luck!
  2. Long boot is usually due to either:
    1. HD issue/slow HD
    2. Lot's of stuff being run automatically at startup

    Former would require defrag, or replacement depending upon issue.
    latter would require going into windows startup folder and removing unnecessary programs.

    Disabling stuff in BIOS is a tweak you can use to improve startup speed, though it's pretty minor compared to the big 2 above.

    You can also tweak with some services to improve boot like themes for ex, though that's a bit more advanced.
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