I7-870 Restarts Randomly Even in BIOS

My system was built 2 months ago, everything was working fine, until recently, it restarts randomly, so random it restarts RANDOMLY even in the morning at 1st use, and all day and worst it even restarts when im in BIOS...=(

Ok my build is:

Intel DH55TC
Elixir 2 x 2GB DDR3-1333
ATI Radeon HD 4350 512
TrendSonic PSU @ 700 watts
my initial troubleshooting is this:
replaced the PSU, result: same
replaced the RAM, result: same
replaced the VC, result: same
Reset/Clear the BIOS: same
Updated the BIOS: same
Replaced HD: not yet
Replaced Processor: not yet

all replaced components are tested fine in other units.

all drivers are as they are.
not overclocked, settings was as is
when 1st turned on.
Temp Core last seen at 65 to 70 degree Celsius, all else at 40 to 45.

please help.
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  1. clean off the thermal contact pad/heat sink interface on the cpu, carefully apply some Arctic Silver or equivalent....

    Otherwise, it would appear to be mainboard time!
  2. Make sure RAM voltage and timings are set to Manf specs in the BIOS. Replacing RAM but not making sure settings are correct may lead to good RAM not working.

    Run Memtest for at least 8 passes on the RAM. Watch it for a bit if it restarts you can at least see if any errors pop up before it does.

    If it's not a RAM issues I'd go with either a BAD mobo, or a PSU that isn't supplying clean power. I hope your replacement PSU for testing wasn't the same brand.
  3. Thanks for the quick reply Guys, i appreciate it. Thanks you.
    ,i removed everything from the Chasis/Casing, it stabalized, i suspect the Power or Reset Buttons is causing the problem or a ground.

    thanks anyway.... Thank You...
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