Going to spend around 700-800 for gaming pc

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    The setup looks pretty good,...

    For your questions -
    - If you want to buy SB, then you might have to shell out about ~$216 for the CPU and the mobo would cost in the range of the ~$150 or above(if Tier 1 brands) with x8x8 SLI/ Crossfire,...But not sure if it is worth it for gaming though,...

    - I doubt it would,...

    - No, x8x8 will still suffice for 6950 IMO,...

    - Maybe with Crossfire later on and overclocking the CPU, it might hold for a couple of years...
  2. Thanks a lot for your help,

    I think I'll probably stick to amd. If there's no noticeable performance boost, I dont think I'd want to spend another $150 for sandy bridge upgrade.


    I ended up purchasing my build, except I chose the sapphire 6950 over the MSI 6950. MSI doesn't really honor rebates so I thought sapphire might be a better option. :)

    So final price comes out to $718
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  4. ^ Hmm, good build for the money, but what about the CPU Cooler ? If overclocking, I would highly recommend one,...
    CM Hyper 212+

    Or this Corsair A50 with rebates comes to ~$18
  5. Ohh I completely forgot about cooling!

    I think i'll get that CM hyper 212+. Would it be necessary to add another fan to the other side in order to OC to maybe 4.0ghz?

    I also noticed that I have 3 additional fan slots (120mm). But 2 of them are in the front for the HD, so those wouldn't help as much right? I might consider getting a side fan, but am at a loss to what rpm and cost I should be looking to pay.

    Again, thanks a ton
  6. ^ Dont get the AS5, it is electrically conductive, the one that comes with the cooler is good enough,... Spend that money on a fan instead,...

    Fan - This would suffice IMO, 2 fans in a pack, not too loud, together move good air
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