Bad i7 950 Temps?

I have around 35C idle and around 60 in load with stock settings.

This is my computer:
i7 950 stock
Asus p6x58d
6gb RAM stock
GTX 480 sli stock
noctua nh d14 cooler with two fans

This is my airflow:

Since only some cores run hot and not the others I think it's not the cooler that wrongly mounted.

IS this normal temps for an i7 950?

I need all help I can get before I overclock.
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  1. Those temps are normal most i7-950 idle at 40c with stock fan.
  2. With stock fan yes but I don't have a stock fan.
  3. What program are you using to see the temps take into fact that those prgrams are not always right, restart the computer and go into the bios and check the temps.
  4. HWMonitor and they are very similiar to the BIOS ones. Yes I have checked.
  5. still those are not bad temps. you also have a beast of a gpu which makes things hotter.
  6. I took a look at your air flow seems ok other then the rear fan and the top rear fan are fighting for the cpu coolers air flow. what speed are you running the cpu cooler at?
  7. SOrry the bottom arrow is the case in the sidewindow on the HAF X. It blows cold air on the GPUs and the top fan is blowing hot air out of the case.

    CPU cooler are all plugged in to the PSU so full speed I assume.
  8. ok i meant the fan on the back of the case not bottom. anyway make sure that the fans that are exhausting are the same or higher rmp then your cpu cooler fans otherwise you are just pumping hot air into the case time after time. What is your room temp btw?
  9. btw---Note that load temperatures of 80-90°C is within the normal operating temp. The i7-950 runs hot you have good temps with your air cooler if you want much lower your going to have to watercool. 80-90 is not great but the cpu allows it.
  10. Yes but I have an another cooler. I've seen temps as 20 idle and 40 load with i7 950's.
  11. nobbeh said:
    Yes but I have an another cooler. I've seen temps as 20 idle and 40 load with i7 950's.

    Most people have 45-55c at load IMO your cooler is not that great but 95% of toms will say im wrong. When in doubht Pull the Corsair H50 out. its 50$ lol.
  12. I had the h50 before. It's worse.
  13. Quote:
    950 is a heat pump. Perfectly normal

    It seems to me from what i see on the net that some 950 run cooler then others i dont know how this is possible but some people have the same setup and one runs 4-5C lower then the other. But isnt a decent load temp for a 950 45-70c?
  14. nobbeh said:
    I've seen temps as 20 idle and 40 load with i7 950's.

    Inside a meat locker maybe.
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