P5Q SE won't take more than 2 sticks of memory! Single channel only!!

Hello, i have a P5Q SE mobo with 2x 2gb(ddr2,800) everything works fine running in single channel... I bought another stick(2gb,same model) and the computer isn't stable, ya i know run memtest...etc.. i did everything is fine, even went to change the ram at the store to be sure.. so i took the new ram out.. tried running my ram in dual channel... and it's not stable either.. only stable solution i find is 2x 2gb in single channel... I wanted to upgrade to 6gb!
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  1. with 3x 2gb, sometime the computer doesn't boot(no beep) but when it does boot, everything works fine...

    the memory has always been in single channel, i bought it like that... maybe it just doesn't work in dual channel... idk
  2. Same issue here. Could you fix it? me not...
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