ATI 5870 on older P5E

Looking to upgrade a 3870 to a 5870.

On my system:

Processor - Intel E6850 @ 3GHz (9 x 333)
PS - Thermal Take Toughpower 700W (1 6 pin PCI Express Connector and an 1 8 pin (not used))
Video - ATI Radeon HD 3870 (512MB)
Monitor - Dell SP2208WFP
HD - WD Raptor WD3000GLFS
Memory - Corsair 4GB (2 2GB) Dominator CM2X2048-8500C5D
Case - Thermal Take Armor VA8000BWS
OS - XP Pro

Will it work?

I understand from a little research on the AMD/ATI site that the PS will run 1 4870 X2 and therefore i beleive will run a 4870.

I just wanted to step up to the 5870 if possible or settle for the 4870 on this machine before my next build.

Thanks in advance....

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  1. This is ati and the PSU tests they made on thermaltake:

    First make sure the card apears in your category by clicking the details.
  2. That PSU will handle the 5870 with no problem.

    The E6850 will do a decent job handling the 5870 as well. It may not take advantage of it as an i5 750 or better would but it would still be more than enough.

    There is no harm in getting the 5870 as long as it fits into your case and when you do decide to upgrade, you'll already have a nice video card :)
  3. In theory your psu can do the job if is ratted as silver 80 at list. Another helpful link done by ati is this:
    Tested Crossfire in PSU's you also have to click for details.

    The reality is allot of different some motherboards have enough solid capacitors and extra power connector on board for the pci-e to solve any stability issue they are the lucky ones and play almost any card with a lower watts psu.

    Having a powerful psu doesn’t guarantee the power will be on board in the right place when is need it you can read a good analysis in here:
    I really had no other way to solve his issue and it worked.

    I hope i helped.
  4. Gentlemen….

    Much gratitude so far…

    Giatrakis as I stated I had done some research into the PS and it’s compatibility with the cards on the AMD site using your link. I went to the new link you suggested and there the 4870 X2 is not listed. I also read your conversation on Tomshardware and I do agree with what you indicated.

    When I built my present system, as most are, it was not the very best but it was what I needed and of course could reasonably afford. I thought at that time the PS with the extra 8 pin connector would allow me to upgrade the video later. Now as I am poised to do so I am doing my due diligence and find myself at a new crossroad.

    Since I could have installed dual cards, 2 3870’s back then, I thought when a newer series like the 4870’s comes out I would be able to upgrade. Well I waited for my new price point and low and behold the 5870 is here. Yep the 6000 series is also here but I think it is way beyond the rest of the system to keep up.

    So back to my initial question if the first link shows me that the PS will handle one 4870 X2 then it should handle one 4870 – yes? Since I assume the 4870 X2 requires two power inputs.

    So with that said when I saw the 5870 I thought my PS would power it also. Now the MB being an ASUS P5E I have not seen any issues for the last two years as I also do not over clock. My Zalman meter shows that it idles at 132 watts and even at full gaming throttle it never gets much above 300.

    My Everest readings show a moderate temperature and the GPU is running at 776 MHz and the GPU memory clock is 1125 MHz.

    The SiSoftware Sandra is showing version 8.12 for the bois and the SMBIOS/DMI version is 2.4. Now if it is possible to get the card to work will the bios version be OK or will I need to update them if possible.

    So I know the rest of the system IS outdated yet it has been very reliable. I understand as jonpaul37 stated my E6850 will not take full advantage of the new card but should give me some very nice additional FPS - I hope….

    I have not gotten my credit card out yet and would like to try and understand if I am just reaching for a star a little to early as to the present system and will just find I bought a nice video card in advance of a new system build…

    Hey thanks tons so far and I look forward to hearing from both of you soon….

  5. Look for the theory to reality the distance is huge in my motherboard i had only 2-3 Japanese capacitors on board they can operate in 105 C without a problem the rest are starting to having problems after 80 C so you have to drop the Temperature down that limit with any cost. In the example i gave he had none of that kind! So the only solution i had for him was the 2 molex to pci-e have that in mind. The new motherboards they have from top to bottom the new capacitors so i cannot give you the guarantee you need what to do you goanna add new capacitors?

    If the card has at list 2 x 6 pin pci-e connectors probably you will have no problem it's not gonna feed from the pci-e these chips they look to me like F**** black halls the extra 12volts on the pci-e connetor saved me see this the new model GA-X58A-UD9 side by side with the old one GA-P35-DQ6:

    Do you getting it? They even put the extra connector closer to the cards they know better the new model is going for a 4 way CF and i believe it can do it.

    PS: I also have Thermaltake 650 psu bronze 80 and am thinking seriously to upgrade because of the restrictions that ati gave on CF HD5770 (i have this card) based in the logic ok i add a second card after a year or so and i stay in the game.

    But the problem i have so far is the temprature with the OC i'm getting 60 C i'm gonna open a new hall to the box another 120x120 NF-P21 trying to put it down else i have to downclock in the CF other solution ? Taking the new motherdoard, the new ram and the cpu to be completely safe alote of money but 90 C? i don't have a problem other solution i move to north pole and F**** ATI, Gigabyte, Intel,etc that is the base logic.

    PS2: Yes if 2 x 6 pins = you goanna get the additional FPS and less energy consumption, less temperature is 40nm GPU this is the theory how come the double the 12 volts 4 pins to new 32nm cpu? This is against the theory!

    I hoped i helped.
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