NVIDIA GeForce GT 435m 1GB

Will this graphics card run final fantasy 14? I have 4 GB on my laptop with 500GB hard drive space
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  1. Might as well give it a shot, I fail to understand why people purchase laptops with the intention of gaming in mind when it goes against common sense.
  2. I haven't purchased the laptop yet. Thats why i'm asking. I have 1,000 in credit with dell and I'm trying to see if the XPS 17 will will run FF 14.
  3. It will run it just not that good. If you want to game get a desktop and save your self all the headaches and frustration unless this is needed for school, work, or have no choice but to have some level of mobility such as SHTF bugout situations.
  4. I would like a desktop but i do need it for work purposes aswell. If anyone could help me find something decent for gaming with Dell more for FF 14, since i mostly play MMOs it would be great.
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