XFX Radeon HD 4650 AGP only PCI mode Windows 7

I know, I know ... AGP is seriously old tech. I'm trying an experiment to see if I can repurpose my old rig into an HTPC. It works OK in Windows XP, but was testing out Windows 7 on it to see if I could get hardware acceleration running to reduce the load on the old CPU when watching streaming video in Flash 10.1.

System specs are:
Asus A7N8X-LA mobo (Hp Pavilion a310e)
nForce2 chipset
AMD Athalon XP 2600+
2GB DDR RAM (max for mobo)
160GB Western Digital 5400 IDE hard drive
XFX Radeon HD 4650 AGP
430 watt PSU

In Windows 7, I can get everything running, showing off the Aero theme, and get a WEI of 3.4 (limited by the CPU) with something like 5.0 and 6.4 for the graphics test. I'm using the ATI Catalyst 10.10 AGP Hotifix drivers for Windows 7 (tried with and without CCC) and tried the default Windows 7 mobo drivers as well as using the nForce drivers in Vista/7 by following the thread here (

Any combiniation I try still has the same WEI rating for graphics, CPU goes to 100% when watching any video (in browser or Boxee), and the Display Adapter for the HD Radeon 4600 series in Device Manager displays as PCI card.

Is this performing as it should or is it falling back (as I think it is) into running the AGP card in PCI mode? Any thoughts would be appreciated on how to save this machine from the recyclers. Thanks!
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  1. Run it on XP! Win 7 is more resource heavy.
  2. Are you sure you enabled flash hardware acceleration and are you using AGP drivers with the HotFix? To enable the flash acceleration right click on some flash thingy on some website, like a flash ad here on Toms :D. Click on settings, and then click on "Enable Hardware Acceleration". If it doesn't show up then you may either not have the Hotfix or that driver version with the hotfix doesn't like your video card. Also, some driver combinations will cause a computer to crash when trying to use the Hardware Acceleration in flash so play around with it ^_^.
  3. Yep, flash "Enable hardware acceleration" is checked (and works better, but not awesome when enabled) and I'm sure I have the AGP hotfix drivers installed. But, after confirming, CPU still goes to 100% when watching any flash media (same in XP).

    Any other thoughts, or am I just stuck with some stuttering on this aged mochine?
  4. jsut ran into this article.. i had the same problem.. after reinstalling xp.. clean format.. did all the un checks/check for flash.. finally what solved it was downloading nforce 5.10 winxp whql drivers from it fixes and reinstalls/ in cae u didnt know it.. your missing agp/gart driver for agp-cpu..
    i boutgh this card for 100 back in feb..and sent it back..thinking i was goona update to new system. didnt and my other card burnt out.. lucky for me, i found same card for 20 bucks at college fleamarket.. but now i hot agp 8x mode on.. qiht latest ati hot fix. oc to 712/500 gpu/ddr on same board as u but from hp302n..
    it will recognise as 4600 series.. but work fine.. u can then go back and manually change ti to 4650 series thru device mgr/update driver/pick ur own from list.. its hit and miss on that part thought..
  5. Hi,

    really, an nvidia driver helps resolve issues with ATI HD 4650? I had many problems installing my Gigabyte HD 4650 AGP in Win XP SP3 the way HD video acceleration would work in Flash. Finally I managed with Hotfixes 10.10 or 11.1, other versions are either not supported by Flash for HD video acceleration or simply didn't work or caused BSODs. I also omitted ATI Catalyst Control Centre and the rest of the bloatware, I just installed the display drivers using .inf file (I stopped the installation process after unpacking and searched for the .inf file).

    So everything seemed to be working fine. But I noticed a considerable slowdown at usual work like opening folders and running programs, almost anything I do causes 50% CPU usage. It wasn't the case with my old nvidia.

    So the problem could be the HD 4650 being an AGP card is running in PCI mode? What causes that?

    thank you,
  6. Old post I know... but I think this might be of some use to owners of Radeon HD 4650 AGP graphics cards, using Windows XP.

    High CPU usage, even when not running anything in Windows is down to interupts. AGP cannot cope with two devices on the same AGP slot (GFX and HD audio thats built in).

    Disabling Microsoft UAA Bus Driver for High Definition audio in device manager.

    Next problem:
    You have to do this everytime windows boot - a hastle.... work around is:

    1) download devcon (note: different downloads for 32 and 64 bit) off the microsoft web site.
    2) Copy it to the Windows/System32 directory.
    3) Open notepad and enter the following line

    devcon disable PCI\VEN_1002&DEV_AA38&SUBSYS_AA381682&REV_00

    4) save notepad file as runme.bat and save in your start->Program files->startup folder.

    this work around disable the built in HD sound on the AGP graphics card each time windows boots.

    Note: PCI\VEN_1002&DEV_AA38&SUBSYS_AA381682&REV_00 is the XFX 4650 AGP hardware Id for the Microsoft UAA Bus Driverfor High Definition audio device, yours may be slightly different - look it up in device manager

    Let me know if you know of a more eligant way of doing this!
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