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Okay I came here a while back with the same question, but as I came closer to building I came across more and more questions. The plan is to build a cheap PC with a large HDD and blu-ray burner in a high quality HTPC case.

I was planning on keep it under or at least around 450-500euros. Commercial blu-ray recorders range from 300euros all the way to 800 with no apperent difference in specs. Whats that all about? Are the cheaper ones really that bad? Furthermore I'd like it to record the data that comes in via the antenna cable to be recorder in full 1080p(yes I have an HD decoder), is this possible with this system if at all? I would maybe add in a sound card later or now, but from the testing I've done onboard sound especially ones like the alc 899 go a long way(far better than my ipod classic) even compared to the very high end asus xonars(i have a d2x).

So bassically I want an overall high quality system that records and plays in full high quality 1080p can that be done, for the price at least? I can figure out all the pc components, but to all this video stuff I'm still a noob so advice on the TV card and HTPC case(for the software really I can figure out which case suits my demands) would be greatly appreciated.

If at all possible I'd also like it to act as a home server is their an easy way to just make it do regular of the network?

thanks in advance
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  1. I did some more research and it appears it all comes done to finding a capable tuner card(or whatever you would call a card that records) which can accept HD(1080p)

    any sugestions?
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