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So, some of you might remember me. Mainly in a not so good way. I hope you would toss that up :)

I'm here today to ask for a cheap notebook for my father... I want it around $300, 15" LCD would do, It would be mainly for browsing and office jobs (for the work)
Dell, Sony and Toshiba would do.

Thank you very much!

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  1. www.google.com

    Honestly, if price is set, all you got to do is go online and see the best hardware you can get. One tip is to search for a notebook with 4GB memory and a hard disk with 7200 RPM speed if possible.

    Stay away from Sony. The prices are way too high for the support.

    Dell is a great option.

    Toshiba are expensive sometimes and build is not solid.
  2. I tried but I didn't find anything good.
    I'm leaving this to you all, and coming back tomorrow.
    My connection is pretty unstable, I won't be able to come back today.
    Toshiba is a very good brand, and it's the only brand which has warranty in Egypt (international warranty)

    And by the way, I don't think $300 would get 4GB RAM and a 7200RPM HD as well.

    Thanks anyway.
  3. Then go with Toshiba. $300 would definitely get you 4GB memory. I am not sure about the hard disk speed.
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