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R.I.P 4890 need urgent help on choosing high end graphic card plz

Hi everyone today unfortunately my sapphire radeon 4890 is dead.My fan suddenly made big noise and then stopped spinning,again spinned then off again spin and off and thats it some little smoke came but i disconnected the card to stop further damage.

I need your expert advice on choosing my new high end card.I dont want to upgrade till 2 years so this card should suffice me.

My choices are 5870,5850,470,480 please please help me choose a card which can last me for atleast 2 years thanx and i live in India(Bangalore).
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    too bad your card got out of order . well, among the above mentioned cards hd5870 ofcourse is the better choice

    asus hd5870:

    check this out

    OR you can sli two gtx460`s 768mb version(if you have an sli board that is) at about the same prise and get better performance, here:

    and if you have a cross fire board than ofcourse hd5870 would be the better choice

    In any case if i were you id get the hd5870 for having ability to crossfire in the future.
  2. ok here is the alignment : all are higher than 5850 , but 5850 is VERY VERY GREAT card . & i think u better not pay that much for any other card when 5850 is ready to give its services to u . but if u can go for higher options then wait a littel bit for 6870 . 5870 is higher than 6870 , but 6870 is newer . GTX 470 & 480 both are Great ! any way all of them would Fully Provid u
  3. The problem I have is that only the 5870 and 480 (maybe 460?) are stronger then his old 4890. If you have the cooling/power, the 480 is the safest bet to last for the next two years, otherwise, I'd go with the 5870.
  4. Go for 5870 , ATI acts better in games , & INTEL cpu acts better than AMD CPus
  5. Thanx for the replies guys i think i will go with 5870 because i have crossfire motherboard gigabyte 890fx ud-7 and 750w cooler master power supply and 4 (2x2) gskill memory and phenom ii x4 965.

    But which brand should i get sapphire,xfx,asus?.Actually i dont like sapphire because of poor service but sapphire is most available than other brands i mean in my country.

    Also i wanted to buy 6870 but it will take a few months for it to arrive in India but i cant wait till that. So i guess 5870 it has to be right.?
  6. Don't bother SLI ing two GTX 460 768mb editions as they are only a gimic that isn't going to last for very long and isn't the best thing you can get. If you want sli then only bother with the 1GB editions or get your self a more proper card like a GTX 470. The 5870 and the GTX480 are both overpriced for the performance they deliver so the 5850 and the GTX 470 are the best value at the high end.
  7. Yea nforce4max your right 5870 is damn expensive but everyone is saying that its worth every penny.

    But if i buy 5850 i hav to stick with this card for another 2 years is that ok and i play at 1920x1080 resolution with max aa and af.
  8. They are not worth $400-500 and go with the 5850 as you can always nuke it and crossfire it later any way plus you won't have to sell a kidney to get it.
  9. Hahahaha well said nforce4max but can a single 5850 handle upcoming games without any lags?.

    I just dont want to regret after buying thanx a lot for helping me.
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    Most games yes and a single GTX 460 will fair just as well except for Gothic 4 as it is a total assault on the system. Overclocking a 5850 isn't hard at all and use less power at stock than my x1900xt which is nice but make sure that Nothing is getting hot while in use such as power vrm or vram if you do that it will last you long enough to be a dust collector. I have had enough cards in my time to know what works and what doesn't. You don't want to dump $500 on a card only to have in a year or less time for it to be had for less than $200 and already outdated.
  11. @gamer1291
    I second what nforce4max said, BUT there is the 6850/6870 which are a tiny bit cheaper than the 5850 and offer better performance and Crossfire Scaling.
    Keep in mind the 5850 is stronger than 6850 but weaker than the 6870.
    IMO i would get 6850 as it's new and a great OC'er unlike the 6870.
    Sorry for wall of text :lol:
  12. Plznote as i said before i know i love to buy 6870 if its available in stores here but the 6xxx series still have not arrived in my country so i cant buy any 6xxx series yet

    Thanx a lot nforce4max for saving a lot of money i would have blindly bought 5870 for power and i think the difference between 5870 and 5850 is just some 5 to 7 fps thats all.

    Ok i decided to go with 5850 hope it will be worth it.
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  14. Good luck and it should't disappoint.
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