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Hello, I share internet with my roommate. He keeps the router in his room. He connects directly, hard-wired, I have to connect wirelessly. This is fine. However, every day or so my internet will stop working, or connecting rather. The connection shows up in
the network selection, good signal strength and seemingly running properly. When I try to connect it will not accept my network security key, time and trying time again. The only solution we've found is to reset the router, in his room, locked and out of my reach. SO, A. Is there a way to wirelessly reset the router? B. Is there a reason I basically get kicked off? or C. another option from manually reseting router, i.e. changing some settings to allow me to connect to the live wireless signal.. Any help would be greatly appreciated, thanks.
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  1. Are you sure you're saving the settings profile for the wireless adapter (password, SSID to connect to etc).

    Obviously you can't reset the router wirelessly if you're not connected.
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