Let's balance my system

I wanna say I have a bottleneck in my rig but I will let the community decide.

CPU: Phenom x4 965 BE @3.4GHz
MOBO: ASUS Crosshair IV Formula
PSU: 750W Silencer
RAM: 4GBs DDR3 @1600 (OC from 1333)
HDD: SG 700GB (get's the job done)

I know getting an SSD is a good idea at this point, but I'm horrible at choosing them.
And I don't know if more RAM would help with anything at this point.
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  1. Don't see any obvious hardware bottlenecks, but you may want to bump the ram to 8GB (it is cheap) and overclock the CPU (3.8ish GHz) and see where you stand. Stock CPU cooler? Where / what do you see as your bottleneck? Symptoms?

    SSD - OCZ Agility 2 / Vertex 2, A-DATA S599, etc... Look for and SSD with a SandForce SF-1222 controller.
  2. Well it could just be me, but I feel I could be getting more out of games like Metro and Crysis, they seem to slow down at times (Crysis more so) metro stays around 45 FPS with everything max (except PhysX)

    I saw a sale on 8Gigs of RAM that should match my current set, so maybe I'll get that today.

    Also I do have the stock cooler on my CPU (so it gets loud at load) but headphones always help :D
    I guess I could look into a new CPU cooler I saw a single cycle water cooler for my socket type on newegg.

    I just want to avoid stuttering/shuttering in-game while maintaining maximum detail.
  3. Add 4GB additional to get to 8GB. Adding 8GB to get to 12GB would be a bit much...

    The cooler below will handle all your OC needs for that Phenom II CPU.
  4. Well right now there is a deal going on so I could get 8gigs of RAM for the price of 4 :D

    As for a bottleneck, I think I can isolate the problems I had to "bad coding" because most games run very nicely on max it just seems that a select few have a few hitches in them.
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    Your cpu at that frequency is the bottleneck.

    The most simple way to buff your system performance:
    Get a very good cooling system.
    Read here : and you have a lot of different cpu coolers reviews,so you choose a cpu cooler.

    It really worth to get very good cooling considering the mainboard you has 8+2 power phases for cpu power,and the PSU you have.
    I saw 4.5 ghz on air on Phenom II x6 on the mainboard model you have,that takes a lot of power from the mainboard source,so it should be no problem you do also on your cpu 4ghz+.
    For air cooling you need that your room temperature where you keep your system is not too high (20 celsisus degrees,that is 68 degrees F,that would be a good temperature).

    If you are willing to spend more $ you can also get a Phenom X6 (after geting a very good cooling device for the cpu) and overclock it at 4+ ghz.
  6. I was only running through the idea of what more RAM would help me with, and it wasn't much.

    As for upgrading my CPU to an II x6, I choose the x4 for the specific reason of gaming performance, I don't know of any titles that use more then 4 cores to help process so unless I saw actually proof of the x6 doing better in the titles I enjoy upgrading would be out of the picture.

    I do keep my room cold enough, but I also have a small room so my CPU fan is audible at any speed, thus bringing me closer to the idea of silent cooling.

    Kinda like this:
  7. Above 4 GHz on any Phenom is a crapshoot, and largely luck. Equipped with a GTX580, the higher your resolution, the less impact cpu core speed has on it anyway.

    I'd stand pat at this time....

    In 6-8months, take the GTX580 with you, add a 2nd one, with new SLi capable MB/CPU, you should be set for any games for 2 more years...
  8. A Noctua NH D-14 ( is a sugestion.
    The price on it is around 100$,so is not that cheap.
    Noctua NH D-14 is said to not have a noise level too high while doing good cooling;if you want you can keep the fans speeds to low,and that gives 30 dbA which is very low. for 125 W for 150 W
    The temperatures there are gave as difference ( cpu temperature - ambient temperature).
    Here some other reviews of Noctua NH D-14:
    Another one:

    Another known very good heatsinks :
    twin-tower Prolimatech heatsink ( - Prolimatech megahelms rev B or Prolimatech supermega,opinions are shared on inet about which one is best) ,you need to buy 2 additional fans.
    And also Thermalright Venomous X:
    (you need to add an extra fan for best results on this one).
    Also Thermal right silver arrow:

    Sure there are other options too since you can customize the fans you put on your cpu radiator,if you like a silent room you can get fans that are silent.
    (Noctua nh d-14 have low sound level cause of those fans it has on it)
    On most tower coolers you can put 120mm fans,and you can put 2 of them.

    A not so expensive and very good cooling solution (no ideea about the noise level) is Thermaltake frio:


    Here is a review of water cooling,which shows that water is not so that either.
    You need a good amount of air flow to cool the water also.
    For water cooling system you can also customize the fan/fans you use.
  9. don't waste money on high-end air or lower end water get the hyper 212+ from amazon (it has the second fan included, free shipping)

    All of the coolers posted above are overpriced.
  10. Well the Noctua has some great reviews, but if I go with either which thermal paste should I go with?

    Do either of them require me to remove my MB before mounting?
  11. The Noctua is HUGE it will barely fit in HAF 922 (according to a long thread I read recently whose link I'm too lame to post)
    Make sure your case can fit it also am not sure if you'll have to remove your MB before mounting, depends on your case (did you mention it earlier and I'm just a nimrod).

    If you do end up going with the Noctua use the included paste if the cooler master get some arctic silver 5 from your local radioshack
  12. Yeah I just saw that, I fear that it would be a bad idea with my GTX 580

    But that CoolIT ECO C240 did look nice, and I have the mounting area for the fans in my case.

    Just a little pricey
  13. the hyper 212+ will be oodles better than the stock and it is real cheap I really think that it would be your best choice
  14. For almost all serious air coolers you need to remove the MB from your case,to put the backplate when you install the CPU cooler.For hyper 212 plus (which is a serious cooler) you also need to take the mb out of the case.
    Since you have an AM3 board you need to also remove that plastic that is around CPU socket,fixed with 4 screws.
    (in which the default cooler from processor box is fixed - some are calling that plastic "retention bracket").
    Cause in those holes you will put the cooler screws.
    Since theese coolers have usually above 500g weight would be weird to use that mounting system that is made from plastic that is used also by standard cooler that comes in CPU box.
    For example hyper 212 plus weights about 650 grams.

    If you want a cooler for which you will not need to take your motherboard out,Scythe Yasya is not requesting that (
    However I find it weird to fix a 850 gr (the weight of Scythe Yasya) cooler on that plastic thing.
    (Scythe Yasya use same retention system as default cooler which comes in the CPU box).
    Is not sure that you will not have problems with the ram in your slots,if you choose Scythe Yasya ,because how is put the plastic retention bracket on mb the heatsink will be over your ram dimms - If you have low profille dimms (not that tall) you will be fine,otherwise not.
  15. I never saw you link the Shuriken, but I like how it looks (seems small) and reminds me of a better stock cooler.

    Something I should add is my case, and the reason I can hear my fans is my room is small I mean small, if I move my computer to anybody's house that has a room larger then 3 single beds I don't hear my fans past my headphones.

    My case is a Hades NZXT

    Also I should add, I'm not willing to remove my motherboard, so if that is a must I would rather wait until I upgrade another part like my PSU before pulling it out.
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