Looking for an upgrade from my NVidia 7100

Hey guys i'm new this site and i'm not tech savvy by any stretch of the imagination so please bear with me :)

I am looking for an upgrade from current NVidia 7100 graphics card but I have no idea what will fit in its place or what delivers better performance graphics wise. So any help would be very much appreciated.

My computer specs as far i know:

Acer Aspire M3641
Windows vista home premium 32 bit
Intel core2 Quad CPU 2.4GHz
No idea what model my motherboard is, dont know how to find out

Thank for any help you brilliant people
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  1. Not knowing the PSU size installed I would say HD4650/70 if it is 250-300watts.
  2. From memory my psu is 400 watts, which from i've read allows me to have a better graphics card?

    Would the HD4650/70 play WoW and LFD2 at a decent fps maybe around 30-40?
  3. Is the case of standard size or a slim model.If its of standard size, it might even be able to run a HD 5670.
  4. Standard size, pretty bulky to be honest.
    From what I know its just your stnadard run of the mill desktop pc, does it only being 32bit vista limit my choice seeing as how it only recognises 3.5GB of ram?
  5. No, 32bit Vista won't limit your graphics card choice. On your stock PSU, I second the suggestion of a HD5670 as the strongest safe choice. It is certainly a huge upgrade from an IGP.
  6. A 32 Bit OS will recognize 3.5 GB at most.For regular use, you wouldn't notice any difference.
  7. thanks for the help guys =]

    Would you reccomend getting the 512Mb or 1Gb version of the card?
    I know bigger is better, but i'm just worried about overheating problems using my stock heatsinks and fans would it be a problem?
  8. What is your monitor resolution? 1GB or 512 MB does not matter if its below 1680x1050.
  9. The memory size 512MB vs 1GB is not a big difference on cards in that performance bracket. Just select the HD5670 that you like be it price or looks regardless of memory size.
  10. 1400x900
  11. Then you will not have any problems.
  12. Thanks for all the help guys, I think i'll be buying the 5670 the 1Gb version becuase I like bigger numbers =]
    Is £79.99 ($120) a reasonable price to pay for it?
  13. It seems to be a little on the higher side.Look around for any lower prices.Just make sure to get a PCI-E 2.0 version card.
  14. Any reputable sites you know of?
    I can buy a used card for £55.99
  15. If the used card is from a reliable source, then you can get it.
    You can also look in www.scan.co.uk
  16. Now I will look like an idiot, after searching for HD 5670 on amazon there were alot of results but lots of them differed in specs and looks, so I'm not sure which is the right one =\

    This is the closest I found I think: Radeon HD 5670 - 1GB; DDR5; PCI-E 2.1; 2560 x 1600; DVI; HDMI; DirectX 11; ATI CrossFire (HD-567X-ZNFV)
  17. BIOS Type: AMI
    BIOS Date: May 23rd 2008
    BIOS ID: 64-0100-000001-00101111-052308-MCP73-A7399214
    BIOS OEM: This BIOS is exclusively for Acer only R01-B2 B - R01-B2
    Chipset: VIA 82C3044 rev 192
    SuperIO: Unknown
    Manufacturer: ACER
    Motherboard: Aspire M3641

    just found this out about my mobo, does this change anything?
  18. Thanks for all the help, but after some more reaserch I've found out i can't buy that card, because my pc only has a puny 250watt psu
  19. would this run on my psu

    am a little concerned about stretching out my psu to much, and having enough power to run, my processors etc?
  20. HD4650 will but it does not have the performance of HD5570 (uses less power) which is about the same performance as HD4670. Here is a benchmark for total system power with these cards http://www.tomshardware.com/reviews/radeon-hd-5550-radeon-hd-5570-gddr5,2704-14.html
  21. thanks rolli just found another of your comment threads about 250 watt psu, was extremly helpful especially http://extreme.outervision.com/psucalculatorlite.jsp

    does look like it would run well even on 250 watt
  22. Rolli's link shows that even a 5670 would run on a 250W PSU. Manufacturers' PSU recommendations are always overstated, as they attempt to account for all the Chokemax PSUs out there that are barely good for 50% of their label.
  23. I think i'm going to upgrade my psu to an Antec 430watt
    and get the 5670, but i was thinking of the 5750 as it appears to be a better card
  24. The HD5750 is the better card, yes.
    The Antec Earthwatts 430 is a good PSU. The Basiq 430, OTOH, may be the only mediocre PSU Antec makes (the 500W Basiq is fine). Be sure you're getting the former.
  25. awesome thanks for all the help and advice, just ordered the parts now, probably paid over the odds for them £120 total for the two

    will let you guys know how they work out, after i learn how to install them
  26. i ordered the Antec Earthwatts 430 psu and the HD5750
    just hoping that the psu will run it even though its 20 watts less
  27. Don't worry it will!
  28. Thanks rolli and others you've all been brilliant =]
    so glad i found this site or should i say community
  29. i got the 512mb 5750 btw now real differnce between the 1gb
  30. Good choices. Have fun.
  31. well i've got my psu and card today, but i've got a problem I cant remove my current psu because its connected to another fan at the back of the tower?
    is there anyway i can remove it, and still keep my computer running cool?
  32. the only other means of cooling i found was a fan assisted heatsink onto of the mobo.
    the old psu is connected to a little fan right on the back of the case, below the psu itself
    the new psu don't have a fan on it, will it still work without overheating?

    well i installed the new card anyways, its working so far
  33. ah cool the pc guy who dropped it off, said it would run on a 300watt =]
  34. hmm i'll definately keep the fan conencted with the old psu, it's working for now atleast =]
    As you reccomend i'll go play some lfd2, to stress it, how will I know if it's not big enough? shut downs i guess
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