Looking to Upgrade

Approximate Purchase Date: This Week
Budget Range: $400
System Usage from Most to Least Important: gaming, watching movies
Parts Not Required: All but GPU card and CPU
Preferred Website(s) for Parts:
Country of Origin: USA NJ
Parts Preferences: Has to be AMD CPU
Overclocking: Maybe
SLI or Crossfire: No
Monitor Resolution: 1920x1080
Additional Comments:

My CPU and GPU ATM are:

some more info if needed:

The CPU is not mine, sadly its not on newegg anymore, same CPU but clocked at 2.8ghz OCed to 3.2GHZ
I have 8gb ram DDR2, a 1.5 TB HDD 23.5" LCD screen.

PSU is a 400w Corsair with 30amp on the 12v rail. MB is

i wanted to upgrade my CPU and GPU, but thought i would ask here first.

I'm looking to get:

GPU: GTX 460
CPU: Quad-Core CPU at 3.2GHZ

Overall im looking for a dx11 GPU and a CPU to max wow in a 25man raid setting, or at least 10man, play GTAIV at more than 20 FPS, Just Cause 2 maxed at more than 15 FPS.

will the GPU and CPU work with what i have atm? or if you have any better ideas for a GPU and CPU.. i can not go over 400$ :fou:
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  1. need newer RAM and MOBO to support that cpu fully
  2. i know the ram aint the best but it was cheap. same with the mobo.

    will you explain what you mean? like will it not be enough of a upgrade from what i have now?

    Also, i should have asked, will a 400W 30a on the 12v be enough for 2 HDD, the card, ram, CPU, 4 Case fans 80mm ? i have no DVD CD drives

    other than the 460, i was looking at
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    I would say that you should not do a CPU+GPU upgrade but rather a cooling+GPU upgrade

    Reason: if you get the new CPU as stated previously by purple goo guy then you'll have to get a New Mobo AM3 socket you have AM2+ and new RAM ddr3 you have ddr2

    What you should do buy the hyper 212+ from amazon (free shipping, all fans) and get a 6950 I believe your PSU will be able to power this config fine use this PSU calculator to check:

    hyper 212+:
    This 6950 because free shipping

    Also this is an interesting read: (unlock 6950 to 6970)

    With the new cooler push the athlon overclock to 3.7 or so if you can get it stable
  4. the 6950 needs 2x PCI-e 6 pin, my PSU only has one.. would i be able to use something like this ?
  5. yes but I'm pretty sure the gigabyte card I listed already has two of those look at the product photos
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  7. thx, will get what you said, tho prob not the hyper 212+ right away... see what happens with the card frst.

    Thank you for your help
  8. Your welcome, by the way I recommend measuring your case before purchasing either the card or the cooler, don't want it not to fit :D Of course a dremel can most definitely fix the card not fitting
  9. dremel for the case not the card :bounce:
  10. it will fit :D i have 15" of clearance in my case where the card will go
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