SMPS Got killed by Crysis 2, need advice on a new one.

friends I recieved my copy of Crysis 2 , and within 30 minutes of play it killed my SMPS.

maybe it was my fault that th computer was running on such a high load for so long.

my config is :
AMD Phenom II X4 B55 @ 3600 MHz. @ 1.35v.
GiGabyte GA-MA-US2H- 785. Mobo.
2x2 DDr2 Kingston Hyperx ram.
1 TB WD Black Caviar HDD.
HIS Radeon HD 5770. oced to 920MHz. @ 1.150v.
VIP 400W SMPS.(one of the better local brands, 5 years old. has a 17amp. 12v single rail. )

my smps powered the HD 5770 just fine for last 5 months, but finally gave out. I knew it was on its death row ever since I ran the HD 5770 on it(it needs a 450W smps). but since it ran fine i thought it would do.
well i was wrong. and have to buy a new one now.

I am here in India and dont have acess to most of the better known brands but i am listing what is availabe, and would like some advice as how to proceed.

the main brands available are Antec, Corsair, Coolermaster, Silverstone, Seasonic, Tagan, FSP, Xigmatech.

i have shortlisted the following.

CORSAIR GS600 Gaming Series 600W 80 PLUS Certified Power Supply

my personal choice seems to be seasonic one after i read the jhonny guru artice on it.

if you have some personal views on these models then please let me know. ASAP.

i m shopping day after tommorrow. (tommorrow is the india/Pak WC cricket final whole nation is shut down due to that.)
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  1. The S12II 520W is quite good and also appears to be one of the cheaper options, i would go for that one.
  2. i agree with hunter315. seasonic is the best PSU manufacturer, and at the cheapest price, I would highly recommend it.
  3. does anyone here know if Seasonic X-560 / 650. will be available anytime soon here in India?, its very difficult to find seasonic products here, most of the dealers in the lamington rd. market(IT market) havent even heard of the company.

    and since only a couple of dealers keep the product, the prices are higher then norm.
    i havent found a single dealer in the market who deals in highend SMPS.

    but yes that leaves me with only two choices, Seasonic and corsair.
  4. Seasonic is by far the best PSU maker.
  5. I have talked to the Seasonic local distributor.
    he says that Seasonic X560 and X650 will be available within 30 - 40 days.
    this puts me in a quandry ,
    should Iwait for the X560 to be available or should I goahead and buy S12II620W ?(520 Stock is dry in the country for the moment.
    I end up spending $110 on the 620W model. 520 is supposed to be around $80. X560 will be around $110.
    so what should I do.?
    does waiting for the Modular gold series smps makes more sense?. (I will have to buy a cheap $10. model for just operating my computer in the meantime.).
    please help me out....
  6. i would definitely NOT use even the $10 crap NOT EVEN FOR ONE SECOND!

    just get the SEASONIC 620W if that's all you can get.
  7. the X560 that will be available within 30-40 days is too tempting to buy s12 620. especially as both of them will cost same. I would prefer to buy S12 520 now, but its not available. lets see what i get by next week.
  8. got a spare smps from a friend, its an smps that come with a very good low end cabinet. now i wouldnt trust it with my graphics card by far but have to make do with it for basic computing and IGP gaming. i have a onboard HD4200 graphics so all my movies are playeble again and even some of the older games are good for now.
    i have a definete news that X560 will be here by Mid May. and it will not cost me as much as 620 is costing me now.

    btw, i was just making a core i3 2100 system for a cousin last night, i was putting it through the works and found that the video is not as good as my own HD4200. i was playing a transformers 720p Bdrip in H264 content.
    the quality of play had me wondering weather the SB reviews here on the Tom's and everywhere else are true.
  9. Toms Hardware is known to enhance the scores of stuff if they get paid...but I'm surprised you are getting better video n the old one...
  10. Thank you ,mosox,
    i have been through that list too.
    the prices are coming down it seems,

    still I am waiting for X series............
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