I am looking for a MoBo, anywhere around $150 USD.

I would like a P67 or Z68 either will work, it has to be LGA 1155. And it needs as many USB ports as possible.

I was looking at but the reviews I see are terrible. I plan to OC in the future, need to get a fan though.
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  1. I'm going to recommend this one: Biostar boards always post the first time unless you install your ram wrong. I stopped using asus years ago due to their poor service and funky default bios settings, which can cause issues for inexperienced builders.
  2. Thanks, I've never heard bad about Biostar, but they always seemed to be washed over by other companies, and all I see from other companies are complaints about wacky problems.
  3. I use two biostars with my sempron 140 cpus. Only issue I had was a bad dvi port; biostar replaced the board in about ten days. Their rma turnaround has been faster than anyone else. I've tried all the brands in the last twenty years; bought at least 20 frys combo specials when the board was free with cpu purchase.
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