UPGRADE - eMachines T3638 w/celeron 420

A few years ago I bought my 4 kids 4 eMachines running Vista, I upgraded the video to the 8900 gso w/512mb memory and installed 2 gigs of DDR2 RAM in each machine...

The machines are getting a little old for their game playing

I am wondering what I can do to cost effectively upgrade performance

I was thinking about just changing out the CPU do you think that will give a performance increase worthy of the time / trouble, I cannot afford to buy new motherboards and cpu's or a new OS.

I downloaded cpuz and here are some screen shots

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  1. I would get them an e5300 or e5400 or a q6600 if the price is right. Honestly, unless you ask someone who's already done it for your motherboard, it's hard to say what will work. Those cheap systems were never designed for upgrading the cpu.
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