Updated i5 build with pics! Powder Coat problems!

Setup as Configured
HAF 932
i5 750
HD 5770
CM 212+
Samsung P2450H

Had the HAF prepped for powder coating and took it to a shop downtown..

2 days later....

then I saw this.. :fou:

So the original quote was for $195 and included sandblasting, acid spray and paint inside/outside. So I complained and Ended up paying $100 which Im still not happy about, but i will be selling the case anyways.

finished pics

Thats My i5 Budget build for now but please tell what you think. Advice and Criticism is welcomed!!!!
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  1. Here some final shots

    HAF next to Antec 300

    Im going to be selling the HAF 932, it is way to big for my taste. I love everything about that it but its massive!!!

    New Crap on the way...

    Corsair 600T case
    Asus HD 6950
    120GB SSD
  2. You did some nice work there.

    I think we often go overboard on the size thing.
  3. Ya its really easy to work with a big case like that but in reality for my build its just a space waster. I just bought a 600T.
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