Solved one problem but have a new one

I recently posted a plan to upgrade my network at my company because of poor preformance and such.

I was urged to go and switch to fiber but that was not in the cards.

Upon installing what I did install, the network is fantastic and works quicker then ever and smoothe to boot.

However, the problem I am having now, is that the INTERNET will give out and I have to reboot the whole network to get it back.

I have a 10/100 linksys router connected to a dsl modem, which goes into a 24 port switch which is all 1 gb and each machine has 1 gb cards with cat 6 cabling. the dsl says it has a signal.

I am assuming that the router is the cause of the problems, because the network itself works wonderfully. The internet will give out once every couple weeks or less, enough to cause a problem but not too often.

unfortunatly i have been sick and am not at the shop to look at what models i have but perhaps if you have any idea what would possibly cause it i can look into it, i can post more details when i am back to work if needed.
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  1. I am not sure by what you means by rebooting the whole network.. are you saying you are rebooting every node on your network?? And how can you boot a network?

    Anyway, I think either your router or your modem acts as the bottleneck on your network. You should monitor your network using wireshark or use SMNP to monitor your router.
  2. i physically have to unplug each device on the network, computers router switch etc and boot them in the sequence of router, switch, machines in order to get internet back.
  3. As I already said, monitor your switch, router and modem using SMNP. Its not hard to setup, and worth it.
  4. You could slip in a transparent proxy, bandwidth monitor, throttle those that are hogs... but monitoring your devices would be the best way to go (like seacliff stated), it will help find the point of failure.

    This kind of stuff should not be happening! How many PC's and servers do you have?

    Also check for firmware updates for your router... Sounds like you did everything backwards... When upgrading network equipment, you should always go from the front to the rear, meaning router gets upgraded first then the switches...
  5. What happens if you JUST reboot the switch, or JUST reboot the router? Something isn't right here...
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