Hello,Router Problem: Excellent Wireless Signal, But no Internet connection?

My cleaning lady accidentally removed the cable connecting my ISP's modem to my wireless router. When I plugged it back in again, internet connection is gone. I tried plugging the cable directly to my laptop just to make sure if internet connection is indeed available. I found out that the internet does work. But when I connect the cable to the wireless router the internet no longer works BUT my laptop detects an excellent wireless signal. So in summary:
NO problem with my ISP's connection
NO problem with getting signal from wireless router
but when i connect the cable to the wireless router, my laptop finds "no internet access".

I need to use my wireless router. anyone help?
2 hours ago - 4 days left to answer.

I've been using the router for a long time that means it has already been configured

I tried Restarting the laptop/router/modem. But problem persists.
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  1. See if you can find the literature which came with the modem and wireless router. Normally you have to restart them together so that they handshake. I see that you have tried restarting each component -- but I think there's a time element involved. See the literature.
  2. Yeah Fiharts right dont hesitate to reset. =)
  3. hi xtiangankaico...assuming u have a cable internet service rather than a DSL i suggest as per fihart's recommendation to the powwer cycle gig of booting the modem and router optionally your computer...if the modem router interaction doesn't happen you won't get an internet connection but the wireless network will show from the router and it' can only act as a private network without internet access...no surprises on that...
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