New AMD Fusion System VS Phenom II x4 System

Im planning to soon build a Phenom II x4 945/hd5830 gaming pc. However i saw AMD's new fusion systems will roll out this year. Will it be worth waiting for one, or will they simply not be good enough as a gaming pc?
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  1. Neither of those parts are very good values. You want the X4 955 and the 6850. Or the GTX 460 1GB.

    You will have to wait and see on the Fusion thing.
  2. AMD's new fusion will be mostly for netbook computers
    why not go with the 955 965 black edition for easy overclocking or a amd x6 for future proofing or a intel i5,2791-4.html
    i agree with Proximon the 5850 is a much better choice the 5830 is really a sub par crippled product
  3. I dont have unlimited money to spend on the pc, so 6850 or 5830 are the only two im really considering.
    What makes the 955 stand out more than the 945, other than easy overclocking?
  4. the 5870 is only 200 after rebate woth the extra few bucks and just a suggestion
    if you look at the link i gave to tom's faster clock speeds and easy overclocking
    just raise the multiplyer only thing getting oc'ed is the cpu witch is better for
    gaming most motherboards will come with there own overclocking software you can use from windows so you can o.c only when needed again just a suggestion
    these will be better values especially if your going to keep this settup awhile no such thing as good enough
    again better values in the long run butt your call just my 2 cents
  5. Definitely 955 + 5870. Definitely.
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