Upgrade from 512mb 9800 GT x2


One of my 9800 GT's (not GTS) died while gaming the other day. I still have one working for a bit, but I do want to upgrade soon.

I was looking at maybe the GTX 470. Would this be faster than both my two 512 mb 9800 GT's in SLI?

I never really liked having SLI cards and won't do it again. But my next card needs to be faster than my old SLI setup.

I have to stay under 300 bucks. Any idea's. Seems like this is the best place to ask.

Also I am fine with ATI suggestions. Just been with Nvidia lately.
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  1. The GTX 470 would be faster than your 9800GTs. The HD6870 is another option. It is slightly weaker than the GTX 470 but is significantly better with regards to power/heat. You could also wait a few weeks for the HD6950. It's due out in a few weeks and will probably be equal to or better than the GTX 480 while costing $300-350(these are estimates as the hard data on the cards isn't available yet.)
  2. Before you hop on the horse cowboy/girl we need to know the rest of your system it up to the task of having such a card such as psu and cooling.
  3. I know I have the wattage to handle to card.

    The machine is just an XPS 630i. Its about a year old. 3.4ghz dual core. 8gb of ram on vista at the moment. I don't really plan on upgrading the CPU cause I don't want to upgrade mother board and CPU together.

    Let me know if you need any more information.

    Also I have a question. I was looking at 5870, which is a little more than I want to pay. It looks like it is a bit better then the GTX 470 in most games.

    My question is, is the 6000 series better that the 5870? Cause the 6000 series of cards seem to be a lot cheaper. Which doesn't make sense.
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