Stock fan of i7 2600 needs paste?

The CPU just arrived (i7 2600). I was planning on installing the stock fan, but noticed that it doesn't come with a removable sticky and I am not sure whether it has cooling paste from the factory. Can any one let me know if the stock fan indeed has pre-applied paste? I don't want to touch the area in case it does have some (and would take several days to order some, too long!).

Any help to this dumb question would be much appreciated!
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  1. If its shiny then there's no paste, otherwise if it has a dull sheen outlined by metal, then it has paste
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  3. Hello Selas;

    The pre-applied thermal compound will look something like this on the copper heat sink.
    After the CPU heats up it will melt the thermal compound and it will move around to where it's most needed.

  4. Fantastic! Awesome guys, you have quenched paranoid delusions...
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