Asus P8Z68 V Pro constant rebooting

Finally got my new build to work after 2 DOA MBs. Computer was running fine. Left it on to dl some things. When I came back the computer was rebooting every 2 secs and doesn't reach bios. Any ideas what it could be? Thanks
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  1. Think I figured it out. I switched out the PS and it boots up. Another RMA coming....
  2. PSU is good. Got it to power up and played some BF3. Still reboots on its on for some reason. Havent figured out how to update the bios.
  3. What bios version do you currently have?
  4. 0801 if I remember correctly
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    There have been 2 updates since 0801. They are now at ver. 1101
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  7. It asks for a picture. Whats that?
  8. You can use a custom logo or the default Asus Logo. I use a high resolution Asus wallpaper that comes up when I turn the pc on or reboot.
  9. Thanks for your help. Did you update your BIOS because you were having problems and did you notice a difference between the two?
  10. Did the update fix your problem? I updated just to have the latest bios. The only problem I've had so far is with a razer mouse not working but I think the problem is the mouse because I have another razer mouse and an logitech G500 that I have no problems with.
  11. Ive read if your not having any problems, which I'm not, you shouldn't mess with the bios. So I haven't messed with
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