Memory upgrade on ASUS M2A-VM-HDMI running Win 7 home

I am Running an AMD Athhlon 64 X2 5600, currently using 2Gb of Crucial DDR2 dual channel, PC2 6400.
Problem is this. Purchased 4Gb of Corsair Pc2 6400 with same latency at 1.8v 5-5-5-18. installed said memory 1st.) as a replacement. 2nd.) in conjunction with old sticks. 3rd.) in every position in between. The result is quite similar each time, in that my sound devices are either recognized and I have some sort of scratchy death metal type version of sound or My sound devices are not recognized.

Some curious things: 1.) with just the new mem, start up is normal, up to the final stage (where my desktop pic and icons appear.) My resolution settings change and I have the death metal scream. 2.) with old and new mem in, the part of startup where you get the welcome screen, instead of the normal blue with designs and the swirling circle I get a bright white screen with a duration the same amount of time as the blue welcome screen takes.then it changes to the desktop with icons screen only this time the resolution settings stay the same, but my sound devices are not recognized.

I have tried a second set of corsair, and then tried Kingston. The new memory is 4 gb (2 sticks of 2 gb dual channel.) Either type corsair or kingston, when they are installed new, by themselves I get the audio device recognition but death metal sound. When I install in conjunction with the Crucial I get no sound device recognition.

I thank you in advance for any help.

P.S. Is there any free Diagnostic software that can scan for faults, in this case?
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  1. That's a strange one that I wouldn't think would be RAM related since you matched them well. But make a bootable CD with Memtest, boot to the CD, and run it on each stick individually (only 1 stick installed) for at least 1 full pass. See if any errors are presented.
  2. Thank you Clutchc,

    I will try this. I will summit results when finished.
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