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Where to get a screw for the heatsink on a GTX480?

I need one of the screws that holds the heatsink onto a reference Asus GTX480. I stopped in at a computer repair shop, and they said they don't have them. They come with a spring, but all I need is the screw. I live in the Silicon Valley, you would think someone around here would have them. Maybe it's just something any hardware store would have, or are they specialized?
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  1. If you just need the screw you can take out another one of them, go to Lowe's or Home Depot, check the threading and then buy one that matches it.
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    Id go to a smaller hardware store, as they often carry specialty sizes/items the big ones dont have, as they usually just carry the popular sizing
    You can find it somewheres on the net as well, but youll spend a lil for just 1, but its important to first get the proper threading/size right, then go shopping
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