$500 Gaming Rig

Hello Everyone! I have 500$ to buy a new gaming rig. Here is what I already have:

Mouse, Keyboard, Monitor, Video Card (Nvidia 9800GT).

I do not have any of the other components: Ram, Hard drive, Motherboard, Wireless Card (I need this in the desktop as i have no Ethernet cord), PSU, computer case, Speakers, MS windows copy.

I think thats all of it. My preference is AMD (since its a budget build!). Also if possible, I will eventually swap out the video card, but that is far in the future.

Thanks for any help You may provide.
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    for $500, including Win7:

    AMD Athlon II X3 450: $79
    4 GB DDR3-1333: $42
    AS Rock 770 or 880 Mobo: $60
    Win7: $100
    Seasonic 520W: $60
    CM 310 case: $35
    N=class PCI wireless: $20 (usb or pci card)
    GTs 450: $110 (less after rebats)

    Total about $516
  2. 1st reply: I need an AMD machine. Intel hardware is overpriced so i dont want to buy it.

    2nd reply: Thanks, i configured the build to what u said but i still have questions. I dont need a video card as i have one so that needs to come off the list. You didnt recommend a hard drive but i added one. I also added a dvd drive.

    1st question: Can you guys check over to see how i did, and to make sure all of the parts are compatible?

    2nd Question: Is the PSU okay? Its not a brand i heard before and i know that cheaping out on a psu is a big no-no. Let me know guys. I will be ordering tonight so please take a look!
  3. Sea Sonic is probably the single most reliable PSU company out there.

    Your overall build looks ok. a 9800 GPU is going to be the major bottleneck on your build, but it will work for now. I'd suggest replacing it when you can
  4. That's a pretty decent build. You should be ok.
  5. added a pair of logitech speakers and ordered today! thanks for the help everyone.
  6. You can get 4 gigs of DDR 3 1600 MHZ ram for $50, from G. skill i think instead of the $49 1333MHZ - from newegg too
  7. just wanted to quickly thank everyone who helped me out with this build. The computer is very solid and has been operating well for the past few days. I was able to unlock the 4th core of the athlon x3 450 cpu and now have a quad core! thats awesome.... Thank you guys for recommending excellent parts.
  8. check out cedar they have some nice refrubs that are fairly cheap all you would probably need since you have a video card is a new psu to run it. I got a decent steup up I am going to upgrade for about $360 with shipping.
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