Motherboard Problem? I NEED HELP!

Alright, so I have a problem with my DIY Kit that I bought from Newegg, and that is that the computer keeps on restarting after the Windows 7 Logo screen.
Also, it came with some DOA's, being the memory.

That would be the kit that I bought. I replaced the DEAD RipJaws with my Corsairs XMS3 2x4GB.
It seems to work fine with the NEW memory installed, but the computer somehow still restarts, like it's on for a good 30min to an hour at least, sometimes if your lucky, it doesn't restart.

I just recently received the DIY kit Dec. 1st, 2011, and I'm already having trouble trying to figure out if it's just the memory slots on the Mobo, or if the slots are just bad on the motherboard.

Any help would be appreciated, as this is the first DIY I bought. (It was a present for my younger brother, and it doesn't even work.) :S
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  1. very unlikely to be the mobo, but it can happen. The board I have right now worked fine for 2 weeks before exhibiting problems (system hang, followed by a refusal to boot with 4 dimms of ram). Thankfully I work at a place which refurbishes computers, and while we dont have anything that high end in the shop, I have coworkers who were willing to bring in their equipment so that we could properly swap out parts and figure out what was wrong. Turned out that one of my sticks of ram was bad (would not post in another working machine), and I have a voltage issue with my mobo which will not let me run 4 sticks of perfectly working ram. Thankfully I purchased recently, and I will be able to send out RMA soon. But without swapping out parts with someone it is nearly impossible to know which parts can be trusted.
  2. I'm wondering if I have to RMA the whole set back, or can I just RMA some parts back?
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