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I have a XFX 5870 (HD-587A-ZNF9) and are planning to add in a second 5870. I found another one, but this one is a HD-587X-ZNFV. What's the difference?
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  1. XFX has sooo many different model numbers, im not sure of the differences between most of them, they are both 5870s so it will work, even if their clock speeds are slightly off. I swear some of the XFX model number changes have to be because they decided to replace one of the capacitors with a different brand to get that many different ones for the same cards
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    Same clocks, DX11, etc. Differences:
    HD-587X-ZNFV: PCIe 2.1 with non-reference design.

    HD-587A-ZNF9: PCIe 2.0, reference design
    They'll crossfire together.
  3. Thanks for the replies.
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