Compaq CQ5107C

This is the system i have right now.
It plays Crysis abysmally. I have modified it/upgraded it a little bit though:

-AMD Athlon 64 X2 7550 2.5GHz
-Dual 160GB SATA HDD (one for backup) **NO
-Antec EA380 PSU **NO
-XFX Radeon HD 4350 1GB PCI-Express **NO

if i put **NO that means its Not Original :)

What can i do to improve my gaming experience?

I think my bottleneck is the graphics card. i got it at best buy maybe 4months ago for $16 ($50 gift card)

geforce 6200tc 128mb
geforce 6800 ultra 512mb (this is annoyingly loud though)...
geforce 7300gt 256mb

those are the cards i have available to me...are any of them better than my 4350 1gb? i knew when i bought it that it was alow-end card, but the fact that i got it for $16 bucks and that it has 1gb memory suckered me in :)
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  1. is it noticable better?
  2. 4 tiers higher, recommended upgrade is going up at three tiers, I would say yes.
  3. is it saf eto put it at 30% fan speed (instead of like 75% default) during gaming sessions?
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    You can try it but I would monitor the temps!
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