Issue with recent upgrade to 6850

Hello folks,

I just got my new HIS Radeon HD 6850 1GB today .. so here's what I did:

-Uninstalled ATI Catalyst.
-Removed my 4850 512MB.
-Installed my new 6850.
-Installed new Catalyst 10.10 drivers. (Also tried 10.10c and 10.10d hotfixes)

And here is my problem: The quality of graphics seem considerably lower! (Fuzzy graphics, blurry text) in Windows 7 desktop, and some games. (Some games run perfectly though).

Has anyone got any idea what this is about? I tried to search around, and some people complain about fuzzy text when morphological AA is enabled, so I check that .. and it isn't .. so I don't know what's going. I tried maxxing out the quality in Catalyst but it had no effect on fuzziness.

Do you think it's a driver issue? Will older drivers run my 6850? Will modded drivers maybe fix this?

Any help is greatly appreciated!


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  1. Hello
    Set all the Catalyst control center's settings to default and see if it helps.
    Also what games did you tested(with what resolution)?
  2. Maziar said:
    Set all the Catalyst control center's settings to default and see if it helps.
    Also what games did you tested(with what resolution)?

    Hi Maziar,

    Thanks for the reply.

    All resolutions are at native: 1440x900

    Well first of all, I noticed difference in Windows 7 as soon as I rebooted after installing new card/new drivers. Text seemed less sharp than with my old drivers/4850.

    Then I tested in a few games.

    Heroes of Newerth: worst result .. used to be crystal clear, now blurry.
    Napoleon: Total War : same thing some extent.

    I also tried Assassin's creed II and everything is fine there. Mass Effect also seems to be fine (first not second one).

    But my main issue is why would Windows 7 look any different? how come text less crisp?

    Also, I reset all catalyst settings to default .. did not change anything.
  3. EDIT: Was about to suggest a problem with morphological AA but it seems you've covered that

    Maybe try 10.9 drivers
  4. Rustyy117 said:
    EDIT: Was about to suggest a problem with morphological AA but it seems you've covered that

    Maybe try 10.9 drivers

    Will 10.9 run 68xx series graphics cards?? Will it damage my cards if I try and it doesn't or just won't install/won't work?

    Seems like a stupid question .. but I prefer to double-check before going ahead with it.

  5. I'm not sure whether Catalyst 10.9 supports HD 68xx or not.
    OP,were you using a different OS with your 4850?
  6. have you already tried cleaning your registry of previous display drivers?
  7. could it be your cables make sure their all snug and try to physically take the card out and put it in again reconnect all the cables....and try use the vga cable not the dvi. see if the problem is in there.
  8. This is a long shot but i have had a similar problem before when upgrading from my Nvidia 8400 to my current 250GTS. Everything seemed unclear and rather fuzzy in games. Not in Windows unfortunately.

    What i did to resolve it was in Device Manager, Uninstall my Drivers for my card so it "rolled back" to the previous drivers. Continued doing this until it actually came to the point where i literally had no Nvidia drivers on my PC. Was using the generic windows video drivers at that point (did all of this in Save Mode). Then downloaded the latest nvidia drivers and installed them. Fixed.

    Not saying this will work for you but its worth a shot. And using older drivers for your 68xx series will not harm it in any way. Windows might just not boot up normally. Will probably have to start windows in Safe Mode.

    Also try and run a registry cleaner after u uninstalled the last ATI driver. Hopefully any left over registry info would get removed. Also create a restore point before attempting all of this.

    Some people upgrade there ATI drivers constantly. Which means there older ATI drivers stay on the PC and mostly the registry info and settings get carried over. Resulting in wasted disk space and uninstalling the current drivers only makes Windows rollback to the previous installed drivers.

    Then again, u might just have a faulty card? Try it in another PC with your current monitor. I would suggest u do this first :)
  9. Quote:
    try changing the pixel format in ccc

    What's pixel format in CCC? Where do I find that setting?

    - I already uninstalled all drivers. Used Control Panel remove programs for ATI, then used Driver Sweeper to make sure nothing is left. After re-installing, problem was not fixed.

    - 10.9 Drivers did not work, they do not detect the 6850 card.

    - I will try my card in my brother's PC. Will also try my 4850 with the 10.10 catalyst drivers (to see if it's purely driver related).

    - As for the monitor, it only supports D-Sub connection, so I am using a D-Sub->DVI adapter to connect to my card. (Same as my 4850 anyway, so problem shouldn't be there).

    This is copied from Newegg's specs of my ASUS VW193DR monitor:

    Input Video Compatibility
    Analog RGB


    @Maziar: No, no OS changes. Only changes were: New card, and new Catalyst drivers.

    So, I will post back once I have tested card on different PC, different monitor. And tested the 4850 with the new drivers.


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