Psu improveing graphics or sound?

i have a gateway fx6800 01e cpu and the stock psu burned out it had a 4 pin power cable 4 the mobo i upgraded from generic 550w peak psu to corsair 650watt tx 80+ psu with 8 pin for mobo maybe just my imagination but graphics and surround sound seemed to have improved is this possible or i'm crazy

it wasn't an improvement i was expecting so i wasn't looking for it just seemed to
also improved cooling with a a few case fans if that matters but no real heat problems b4 anyway

also my bios are locked so i cant increase any voltages but i have ati overdrive 4 hd5770 saphire vaporx oc edition overclocked fine when tested with ati overdrive passed on desktop but unstable in game b4, could this psu upgrade increase stability for overclocking?

ty for replies in advance
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  1. Improving graphics or sound? No. I doubt it. If the PSU works, it should be transparent to you.

    Improved cooling, however, is a possibility. The improved efficiency means the PSU generates less heat.
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