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ASRock Z68 Extreme4 how do I tell if it has enough fan power ports?

I'm buying a Rosewill Blackhawk
and an ASRock Z68 Extreme4

2 140mm fans
and 1 120mm fan

I want to know if that motherboard can handle 8 fans? does it have enough fan connectors?

If it doesn't
Should I be getting so many fans?
If I decide to how do people even connect 8 fans to a motherboard?
Buy a connector to have two fans or more use one connector?
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    The ASRock Z68 Extreme 4 only has 2 case fan headers, 1 power fan header and 2 for the CPU fan(s) from memory so no it does not have enough.

    - The number of fans will depend on what other hardware your running and how good the cooling in your case is and needs to be. A few variables here, so cant exactly say if 8 is too many or not although it likely is.
    - And you would not connect 8 fans to the mobo, you should consider a fan controller. You can get an 8 channel fan controller or depending on the power requirements of the fans and the output per channel of your fan controller (and how much control over the fan speeds you want) you can splice two (or maybe more) fans per channel.
    - You don't need to buy a connector, just do it yourself if your remotely handy with a soldering iron.

    Hope that helps.
  2. Quick note, sorry I left this out, you could also use the molex adaptors that come with basically every fan to connect them to your power supply (if you have enough molex outputs that is, generally several per cable so depending on your PSU you may have) however this means they will always run at 100% and you will have no control over them.

    this is my build.

    I guess it would be fine with less fans.
    The case comes with 5 fans. So I think I'll need a fan controller.
    The fans it comes with should be fine right? I think they are 4-pin molex
    though. So would they even connect to a fan controller?

    I just bought a soldering iron to fix a t.v. and am looking for more
    reasons to use it, so that's good news.
    I wont buy the extra 3 fans if it's more work for little gain.

    Thanks for the advise, that was definitely helpful.

    Quick note: I might get a second gtx 570 would that mean it would need the extra fans? would that be a safe decision? or
    are the stock 5 fans good enough?
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