Old Tornado, good until Fall?

I have an old "gaming" PC that a friend gave me. When I ran Belarc Advisor to find out what was installed, this is what I got:

CPU: AMD Athlon XP @ 1.93

MOBO: KT600. Didn't note any brand. Though, the bus clock is 167MH, Socket A

HDD: WD 160gb

RAM: Has two 512MB RAM cards, giving it a total of 1024MB of Memory

GPU: Radeon 7900/7500 Series card, I don't know why it gives me two types.

PSU: Raidmax 430w

OS: Windows XP Pro 32-bit

That's the main parts of the build. Now, it does also have an Optical Drive and a Floppy Drive :p . Everything is wrapped up into an old version of the Raidmax Tornado case. It has a lot of fans, about 5 when I checked. The graphics card even came with a twin fan cooler, which was really nice.

Now I now this system is about 5 years old if not more. I am planning on buying a new rig soon, but I'm buying only some of it now and the rest in Fall. The friend who gave me this old rig is willing to give me an Athlon XP 3200+ that he used to use, along with a new Nvidia 9500 GT card (PCI), I believe its a JATON. I want to know if that will last me until I am done with the new build? Another question I have is that will an Athlon 64 3800+ work on this MoBo?

Now, I have seem YouTube videos of the 9500 GT playing Crysis, and it looks playable. Not great at all, but overall okay. I have even seen the AMD XP 3200+ and the 7300 GT running Crysis, and it looks fine.

Thanks ahead of time,

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  1. the Athlon 64/3800+ is likely a socket 939 variant, so I suspect it is a NO-GO for your socket A mainboard...

    If it won't play Crysis fluidly at high res by today's standards (1920x1080P), it will certainly play FEAR, Quake4, Doom3, and Medal of Honor....
  2. So the Athlon XP 3200+ would be better? Plus, I'm planning on just using the monitor I have right now. The resolution I am running at currently is 1024x768. I should be able to get some good frames with that resolution, shouldn't I?

    Another question is can I keep the old Heatsink fan, or do I need to change that?
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    That is a socket A (462) board the 3200+ is the fastest CPU made for that socket. so you can not run a 3800+ which is socket 939 or AM2. It is not going to play anything modern great with that single core and a 9500GT. With a low resolution and lowered details it might be just playable at the best.
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