1st generation core i processor vs 2nd generation?

Hello, I just want to ask if there are some difference between the 1st release of core i processors and the 2nd gen core i processor??
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  1. Hello, and welcome to THG.


    Each series features a different microarchitecture and transistor size. The 1st generation is a 45 nanometer transistorized circuit that is designed for the Nehalem architecture. It also features dual, quad, and hexa core CPU's.

    the 2nd generation is a 32 nanometer transistorized circuit that is designed for the Sandy Bridge architecture. It also features hexacore CPU's with an integrated Graphics processor or IGP.
  2. ^ Oh, yeah, forgot.

    Gulftown was the 32 nanometer hexacore.
  3. thanks for the welcome. :)

    But for example, i am currently using the previous release of i5 processor, and i decided to buy 2nd gen i7, can i do that?? or basically, the question is, do they have the same socket??
  4. What socket are you running?
  5. i believe it is socket 1156 LGA
  6. Stick with the 1156 LGA i5 processors.
  7. dogman_1234 said:
    Stick with the 1156 LGA i5 processors.

    thanks dogman! :)
  8. btw, does this mean that I should not buy Intel Core i7-930 (2.8G) 8mb LGA1366 but instead, i should buy Intel Core i7-860 (2.8G) 8mb LGA1156, correct?
  9. Correct.
  10. but is it the best deal for i7 processor that is applicable for my PC?
  11. Sure. If it is compatible and you ave the resources,( money) to purchase it, go ahead and do it.
  12. Thanks dude! :D

    one more thing, any reason why Intel Core i7-860 (2.8G) 8mb LGA1156 is more expensive than Intel Core i7-930 (2.8G) 8mb LGA1366?
  13. Quote:
    Might look into an X3440 as well. Its an 870 but clocked lower and cheaper

    in layman's term please. im not that tech as u observed. sorry :(
  14. Basically, more bang for you buck.
  15. thanks. so i think i have no choice but to go for Intel Core i7-860 (2.8G) 8mb LGA1156, right? :/
  16. Seems like it.
  17. Thanks a lot! :D
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