Mini itx new build? 250W psu?

Hey guys, I'm looking to make a mini itx/cube pc for my mum. Usage will be mild, no gaming, but she may use it to play bluray or stream video.

C2D E6600 (already have)
1TB HDD (already have)
4gb DDR3 crucial RAM (decent and cheap)
HD 5450 (is there anything cheaper or more power efficient that can handle bluray?)
Samsung 12x BD-ROM/DVDRW Lightscribe SATA

The problem I have is with the barebones:

I was considering using the SG41J1 Plus barebones set by shuttle, since i hear they make quality stuff:

I'm worried about the PSU: is 250W enough? I plug in my specs to the online PSU calculators and come out at around 205W - does this sound right? Is a 250W PSU enough for these specs?

If not, any other ideas for barebones in a similar price range (i.e. as cheap as possible)? Anyone have experience with shuttle?

I'm in the UK, so I might not have access to all sites, but all suggestions are appreciated. I suppose I could build a htpc, but they all look so cramped and butt ugly, i imagine a cube has better airflow and is easier to work in. And pleasing geometrically.
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  1. Yes the 250 watt psu is going to be fine, a typical system load will hardly ever reach 200watts.
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