Help setting up 3D

3D Setup at Home is what I want to do next with my PC upgrade
Variety of Options are there but confused which one to choose- Starting From 3D monitor range of Alienware ASUS to Samsung,LG 3D LED On TVs

But what I want is Good Screen about 37"- 42", LED TV and if I can watch 3D Content with Help of Nvidia 3D Vision KIt that would be really Good

After googling got results with only possibilities not with firm & confident solution so decided to tech Top Techie's Help here

Let me tell u what I wanted to do-
I want to setup PC connectivity with LED TV(my Prime Display Device/Monitor) between 37"-40"(for example: Samsung 40" C6200 LED) and with Help of Nvidia 3D Vision Kit want to enjoy 3D Experience.

Doubts are-
-Will I able to setup like this, things not to go for 3D LED TV as they are way costly than only LED ones like I mentioned above
-Screen is problem not to go with Alienware, Asus 3D Monitors so is there any Solution?
-On Samsung websites there is Motion Plus & Clear motion rate in specs. of LED, so what they are? which one should consider as min. req. of Nvidia 3D Vision?
-1.4 HDMI must ? 240GT GFX card can deliver 3D Experience?
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  1. the 1.4 htmi is not a must you can enjoy it on dvi or vga and using tvs... well the 3d vision by nvidea needs these
    at least 120 hz display (refresh rate)
    and the nvidea 3-d vision kit
    the 120 hz is the most essential and many tvs dont do that which makes it hard for 3-d but it is essential without which 3-d is not possible and so is the nvidea 3-d vision kit it includes aactive shutter glasses which need a transmitter (also included)and all that is wired up to ur comp via usb the glasses use battery stands for 40 hrs... so i think you wll need to go in for alienware or asus even better is the samsung 3d led tvs if you do go in for a 3-d tv then you need a diffrent driver which costs 40$(but i dont think you need the 3-d vision kit if you go in for a 3-d led tv) hope i helped !!
  2. btw i just wanted to tell you your gpu is not listed as ready for 3-d gaming i highly recommend you upgrrade your gpu to a gtx 200/400
  3. waiting for more guidence
  4. ok this is my advice go get a new gpu.. and as i said can you dont neeed hdmi 1.4 its not required and the tv is not good for 3-d... so sorry but if you are on a buget then get the samsung 2233 rz 120 hz its 3-d ready or get a ati 68xx series card that will help you as they dont need the kit and only the paper glasses
  5. What are you doing in 3-d, gaming or just video? I've got the nvidia kit and an acer 23.5" monitor for gaming so I've got some recent experience here.
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